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Copywriter Singapore is a list of capabilities and insights into how Quantico Copywriting acts as a guardian of your brand and its written communication. As copywriters, we know the value that insightful copywriting can deliver to your brand, and we know how to augment that value at every touchpoint. Copywriting has two purposes. The first purpose is to sell to your brand’s customers. The second purpose is to reinforce your brand’s message in ways that get customers excited and inspired. In Copywriter Singapore, you will find plenty of insights and strategies on how Quantico Copywriting drills deeper to extract and communicate your brand’s core essence.

You probably already have some idea of what copywriters do.
At Quantico Copywriter Singapore we want to show you the impact, of what we do, on your business.


How does an organization attract more attention for its business? Why do some write-ups jump straight out at you from the clutter? And how do you make this happen for your business? The solution: first things first. When a skilled copywriter crafts content, that copywriter knows exactly where to put the most impact — the beginning. For print media it’s the headline that is highlighted. For broadcast media and speeches, it’s the first 7 seconds of the opening sentence. For direct mail, it’s the the tagline on the outer cover of the envelope. For EDMs it’s the subject line and the title tag. In a press release it’s the lead paragraph, and for slideshow presentations, it’s the first 3 slides that create maximum impact.

This is not a secret or revelation; great copywriters use this copywriting mantra — first things first — every day, across the world, to create superior quality content. At Quantico Copywriter Singapore, we’re not in the business of simply generating content. We create, and re-create, messages that are genuine, and genuinely interesting. Authenticity is key to keeping your business attractive to customers, to gain and hold their attention.



Content, unlike words, has a purpose. If this purpose is to inform, then a good copywriter will begin with selecting your audience. We answer the question ‘who is this for?’ before commencing copywriting. It seems like an obvious step, when in fact it’s among the more overlooked stages. Many entities create content with the intention of distributing and educating external audiences — stakeholders, customers, different departments, employees, investors, and the general public. Yet the definition of the external audience is seldom considered. It’s not a common practice to bring in a customer, for example, when a retail store is creating a brochure for customer satisfaction. This step is often left to focus groups.

The reality is that content cannot be adequately produced for quality, if the opinions of the intended audience are absent. Want to inform investors? Bring the investor to the content-creation meeting. Want to educate customers on a new product? Invite and involve the customer in the copywriting meeting. But this is not happening as much as it should be, across organizations in Singapore and the world. In fact it’s an aberration. Or is it?

That’s where great copywriters make a genuine difference. At Quantico Copywriter Singapore, we interview your target audience to understand not just what they want to know, but how they want to receive the information. The ‘how’ is equally important in determining the efficacy of content. Quantico copywriters directly involve your target audience in the copywriting process to acquire primary target insights. That’s how we inform and persuade.



Benefits sell goods and services. Not features, benefits. Good copywriters know how to extract benefits from features, and sell these to customers. Knowing how to define a benefit in terms of a feature sets great copywriters apart from the mass average. A feature is a defining characteristic of a product. Take a car, for instance. A shiny, glossy coat of black paint is a feature. The benefits of having this feature are sleekness, streamlined curves, and associations of wealth and status. Benefits are what customers are looking for, from features. A glossy paint that repels rain is a great feature, but the benefit is that the car remains shiny and smart-looking, which in turn makes the owner feel good about his or her purchase.

This is the recipe for great copywriting. Identify with the customer’s aspirations, then write those into the product or service description. Another way to approach copywriting that sells, is to ask yourself what you want from a service or product. This is identifying the feature. Then ask yourself how you feel when using the product or service. This is identifying the benefits, and this is what great copywriters deliver to readers.

This is what makes bulletproof copywriting that sells. Quantico Copywriter Singapore works with organizations to help them identify the benefits of their products and services. Benefit-identification is a higher-order quality that resonates deeply with customers. Features identify with what customers want. Benefits identify with what customers feel. The customer psyche is simple: People like to buy, but they do not like being sold to.

Every copywriter at Quantico Copywriting Singapore knows this very wel. Benefit-driven copywriting identifies with a customer’s feelings, creating an intrinsic link between the person and the product. There is nothing forceful or unnecessarily persuasive in nature. Customers are invited to connect by the product’s copy, on their own terms. This leads to sales. This is copywriting at its finest.



You’ve got your customers to make their first purchase from you. Well done. Now what about that ‘repeat business’ thing that’s worth 10 new customers to every 1 existing one? Customer retention is a product of innovation. An existing customer is already an advocate of your business. Advocates don’t want to be persuaded any more. They’re already convinced of your products and services. Advocates want refreshes. They want innovation for existing goods and services. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your existing customers. You simply have to turn it more in their favor. We can achieve this by re-writing their experiences. Create collaterals that invite existing customers to re-experience your business.

Have your customers read content about your business that new ones are not privy to. Communicate a more personal side to your business, because they are now closer to you. Customer retention requires mass customization, not mass communication. Every existing customer wants to feel special all over again. They want to re-live that moment when you first made them feel valued, and retained them as advocates.

But if we follow the same protocols as before, we run the risk of appearing unimaginative. That is why refreshed content works. Make them feel even more special by creating customized content that speaks individually to each customer. A good copywriter, apart from having core skills, is a good customer psychologist, and an essential part of customer psychology is knowing how to make your customers feel genuinely great about staying with you.

Leverage the awesome power of quality content to speak to your customers hearts. That’s how you win them.

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