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Copywriting website content is a balancing act between great copywriting and attractive design. A website is more than just words, pictures, and animations. It’s a portal into the organization’s values. At least it should be. Millions of entities around the world have a website – a sort of a digital ambassador that speaks the company’s brand to customers, stakeholders, and the general public. Design is important as long as the design carries a message. A website that intends to convey a serious message is not going to be very convincing if its images are of farm animals and public park toilets, or if the predominant typeface is Comic Sans. Regardless of what the website is conveying, websites themselves are serious business. They represent an organization’s soul and must be treated with the respect it deserves. Plenty of great-looking websites exist and do their job of catching our attention. Unfortunately the proportion of good websites to poor ones is sadly imbalanced. To understand the power of website communication, one must first explore what constitutes a good website.

The sheer scale of website design is as large as the number of websites present today. As long as the design bolsters the site’s message, the website can be classified as partially good. The other factor is copy. The words on a website are the ultimate element that determine the success or failure of a website’s purpose. In Singapore, web technologies are advanced enough to provide multi-level sites for almost any entity on a relatively cheap plan. The result: almost every entity in Singapore has an online presence. Unfortunately, many websites in Singapore are incongruent with the organization’s message and values. EIther due to poor design, unsuitable copy, or a combination of both, many websites in Singapore are not fulfilling their purposes. One way organizations have chosen to tackle this problem is through attractive design. And while this strategy appears to work, the reality in the long-run has an even bigger downside. Attractive websites that emphasize little or no value for their content are just Potemkin farces. Unless you are in the business of web design (and even that is insufficient to solve this issue) your words will make a much bigger impression than your design ever will. That’s because websites are predominantly word-bearing containers that are meant to be read. The entire web experience centers around the content that people will eventually read. Even the animations a site has (Singapore has plenty of high-tech multimedia powered websites) should be present to support content; relevant, engaging content. And once your content meets this criteria, design can then give it that extra push.

Here’s the good news: if your website isn’t looking pretty at the moment, or is not fulfilling its purpose as a representation of your values and brand, it’s relatively cheap to turn things around. First thing to do is to take control over the words on your website. High quality web design is still relatively expensive compared with high quality copywriting. And if you have to pick one, then pick copywriting for your website. The logic is fairly simple. Once your words are communicating your message clearly and cohesively, audience engagement will rise, as will search rankings. Consider why blogs are so popular. They are part of the backbone of website content. There are some very attractive-looking blog sites, but most are plain and functional, and yet it’s still a word world. That’s because words are central to content and words are what people still buy into. The number of words across the Internet are only going to increase. And if a picture’s worth a thousand words (as design may well prove) then make sure the words, not the picture, is on your website first. This is because search engines, unlike people who are able to interpret images and attach meaning, are predominantly interested in the words of your website. Copywriting website content is about actually evaluating and creating content that is loved by people and search engines. Good design will help position your copywriting in spots favorable for SEO, but even without design, a site will still rank if it has that critical mass of words that not just convey meaning but communicate it.

So what’s the deal with copywriting website content in Singapore? Quite simply, a website’s content has to align itself with the organization’s brand and its values. Copywriting is the practice of creating compelling communication that engages readers. Website copywriting is creating compelling communication using limited words in a limited space to create the same impact of traditional copywriting, not only for people but also for search bots. And let’s face it – you can have the world’s best looking site built for an organization with amazing core values, but if your site is buried on page 17 in Google’s rankings, no one is going to know or care. Copywriting a website takes into account this simple truth and adjusts content to meet engagement requirements. Singapore has no shortage of good web designers, and getting both great copy and great design is the best case scenario. But if you’re in the position where you have to make a choice, go with copywriting. It’s more relevant to your website’s purpose and communicates your goals, brand, and values by using the most powerful force of communication — compelling words.

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