Marketing Copy


Marketing copy, or promotional material is any piece of writing that creates awareness of a product and service, and engages customers through the effective use of words.


These words must work on their own, or together with a strong piece of visual communication. Marketing copy / promotional material includes tag lines, strap lines, advertising copy, product benefit write-ups, brochure content, catalog content, speeches, banner headers, mission statements, tabletop pamphlets, web advertisements, sales pitches, press kits, store promotion magazines, slogans, and everything else that incorporates the purpose of creating awareness.


Effective marketing copy calls for the four Cs:
• clarity
• consistency
• coherency
• credibility


Marketing copy / promotional material has a noble purpose — to deliver or promote the benefits of a product or service that customers are looking for to improve their lives. The best marketing copy is needs-driven and recognizes what customers want, not what they ought to have forced upon them. Promotional material must therefore create instant rapport with its intended target audience, and invite the audience to continue the relationship.


Engagement is key and words are stimuli for such engagement at every touchpoint. Every word must have a distinct purpose. Otherwise it is not required. Time is limited and customers are refusing to be pulled into jaded avenues of selling. Promotional material calls for delicate handling and custom creation. Tag lines, for example, are self-contained elements of pure communication that detail the product or service’s essence.


Marketing copy and collateral copywriters are experts at distilling words down to their essence. Such distillation creates an immediate impact in the marketplace. Resonance is best achieved through inspiring copy.


More than anything, customers want to be inspired. They want to buy, but they do not like being sold to. Marketing / promotional material has to be written with this quality in mind. In a world inundated with chatter, customers are pros are spotting the difference between communication and noise.


Marketing copy / promotional copywriters are always aware of this difference, and create material that communicates without chattering. The best marketing copy is always conversational in nature. It sets up a dialog between the product or service and the customer.


Such writing is seamless and looks incredibly easy due to its simplicity. To create such simplicity is the result of years of experience coupled with a deep-rooted knowledge of the nature of consumerism and promotion. That’s something worth investing in.

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