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Research is an integral component in Quantico Copywriting’s repertoire. Before commencing any copywriting, the agency conducts research on two primary aspects:

1. The background of the culture and/or society for whom the selected copy is intended for.

2. Linguistic nuances that are positive, sensitive, and offensive to the culture and/or society for whom the selected copy is intended for.

It doesn’t seem like too big a deal but our research is responsible for getting a lot of our content on-the-dot perfect. You won’t find us mistaking Rio de Janeiro for the capital of Brazil, when it’s actually Brasilia.


Maybe it’s because we’re all from such different backgrounds, or maybe it’s because Singapore is situated at the world’s major crossroad, but our repository of information just keeps growing, which makes researching so much easier. We’ve been asked to do just research and we’re kind of proud about that.


Research at Quantico is conducted in three stages.
The first stage involves extensive baseline research in which Quantico researchers gather and analyze existing information that will help a particular project. During this stage, lots of information is accumulated. Nothing is discarded. This practice ensures that even the tiniest piece of information is at hand if required.


The second stage of research involves filtering. The information is collated and presented to the copywriters who will perform the tasks of copywriting the final project. During this stage the researchers and copywriters work in small teams to tease out the best combinations of content, engagement, and clarity. The result of this process is shown to you, the client, for consideration and further evaluation. If any piece of information is lacking, the research stage is looped to extract any points that may have slipped through the filters.


The final stage is distillation. This stage fully involves the copywriters who are responsible for delivering the information in the cleanest, most refined manner of presentation without any loss in the integrity of the message. The final drafts are prepared for you, the client, to scrutinize and approve. At this point the research team hands off the project to the copywriters, who use their expertise to breathe life into the piece. Everything, from the tone of voice to the diction, from paragraph lengths to the choice of typography, are carefully considered and appropriately presented.


Quantico copywriters ensure that all criteria are met. Such criteria include accuracy of facts, reading conventions, standardization of spelling and punctuation, style sheets, tabular representation, indexing, grammar, vocabulary, cultural linguistics, and auditory sense feedback (how it sounds when it is read aloud).
Quantico’s research team is a vital thread in the copywriting tapestry. The expertise of the agency’s researchers is painstakingly brought to every project so that your final product appears seamless and effortless to its audience.

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