Word Studio: 100 Words

Word Studio: 100 Words is a compilation of 100 selected words that students may find useful in writing and speaking.

Word Studio: 50 Words (Junior Level)

abroad – Jennifer and her family are going abroad for a holiday to Canada. (Note: going to abroad is incorrect. The correct use is always going abroad.)
abundant – The underwater ocean photographs look beautiful, with abundant marine life such as fish and corals.
adequate – It is important to get adequate sleep, or you’ll feel tired.
ambiguous – Kelly’s answer to me was so ambiguous that I was confused about what she meant.
annual – Christmas is an annual festival.
boost – Memory exercises will help to boost your memory.
brazen – The brazen boys were fighting in front of the principal.
bellwether – Paris is the bellwether of the world for fashion and style.
brackish – The brackish seawater filled my mouth as I struggled to swim.
benevolent – Sam loves his benevolent grandparents, who are always kind and generous towards him.
capable – Josh is a capable of building a model plane in just thirty minutes.
confine – It is cruel to confine a pet in a small, cramped space.
constrain – The high fences and heavy walls constrain the prisoners in the jail.
contribute – During a group project, every group member must contribute equally.
concur – I concur with you about getting Alice a new bag for her birthday.
decline – Brian practised hard during soccer training so that his fitness would not decline. / Please decline politely if you are offered something that you don’t like to eat.
define – The dictionary will help you to define words.
device – The device that I like the best is my laptop, as I can do many things with it.
doubt – Natasha had a doubt about her Math lesson, so she asked her teacher a question after class.
distinguish – The girls are identical twins, but you can distinguish them by their clothing – Lilly likes to wear dresses, but Nell likes to wear jeans.
efficient – Will is an efficient worker who completes his tasks on time, without wastage.
employ – Peter decided to employ an assistant, as he needed someone to help him with his work.
gradual – Every month, my Science grades improve a little. They are increasing in a gradual way.
illuminate – This candle can illuminate the entire room with its light.
imitate – Pedro’s talent is to imitate animals. He can make sounds like monkeys, snakes, and birds.
intimidate – The bully tried to intimidate the other children into giving him money. (Note: intimidate is normally accompanied by into in a sentence – to be intimidated into doing something)
lackluster – After her illness, Marianne’s hair and skin became lackluster and dull.
likely – It’s very likely that you’ll hurt yourself if you skateboard in the rain, without a helmet.
majority – The majority of the students are girls; there are very few boys.
minority – The library was very empty; only a minority of the students had gone there and most of the students were in the canteen.
notion – The notion that a small boy can lift a heavy car is ridiculous!
obvious – It’s obvious that Julian will win the tennis match. He is a much better and stronger player.
onset – At the onset of the flu. Kathy felt like sneezing often, and had a mild fever.
persuade – Vivian tried to persuade her parents to get her a kitten, and promised to take care of it.
predict – It’s hard to predict whether it will rain during the barbecue tonight.
prosper – Many people moved to the cities, to have a chance to prosper and earn more money.
quantify – It is impossible to quantify friendship. Friendship cannot be measured.
regard – Regard all the parts of the question properly before your answer it.
resemble – Andy does not resemble his brother at all. Andy is short and skinny, and his brother is tall and plump.
retain – It’s not enough to read the textbook once. You need to retain the information and remember it.
successive – The five cars crashed into one another with five successive bangs.
suffer – Ann felt sorry to see the poor orphans suffer, so she donated many of her old books and clothes to them.
sufficient – My father gave me sufficient money to buy the groceries from the supermarket.
trace – I like to trace drawings onto my book. / The thief had disappeared without a trace. (Note: For the second usage of trace, the word a is normally placed first; e.g. without a trace, not a trace of him)
trend – After Rob started to put stickers all over his water bottle, the other boys started to copy him and followed the trend.
utility – Bella would like a birthday present that is beautiful, but also has some utility so that she can use it for a practical purpose.
urban – Many people living in urban areas like to go to the countryside for some peace and quiet.
vulnerable – The lost boy looked scared and vulnerable, so I helped him to find his parents.
vast – Jo stood on the ship, looking at the vast ocean around her.
widespread – There is widespread pollution caused by littering and wastage.


Word Studio: 50 Words (Senior Level)

abscond – He absconded with the company’s money, and nobody has heard from him since.
abstruse – The textbook is rather abstruse, so it’s going to be hard to understand it.
acquiesce – Joe is fed up with having to acquiesce to his younger brother all the time.
adherent – The mayor is a devoted adherent to the environmental cause. / This Scotch tape is more adherent than the glue.
alienate – Lowell didn’t want to alienate the new boy in his class, so he made an effort to talk to him during recess.
belligerent – Amy’s belligerent nature often causes her to get into fights with others.
brawn – Is it better to have brawn or brains? Perhaps it’s best to have both.
belie – Her calm face belies the confusion that’s going on inside her mind.
cantankerous – Everyone avoids the cantankerous old lady living next door to me.
coercion – It’s wrong to use coercion to get what you want.
complaisant – Harry’s complaisant personality makes him popular and well-liked.
degenerate – The village degenerated rapidly when it lost electricity and water.
diffident – Paula seems diffident and insecure. What do you think is troubling her?
dogmatic – Someone who is dogmatic in their opinions does not listen to others’ ideas.
ebb – The water level in the reservoirs began to ebb as the drought continued.
effrontery – The school was shocked at Richard’s effrontery in yelling at his teachers.
embellish – I learned how to embellish a handbag with sequins. / Try not to embellish the story when you’re telling it. Just tell us what really happened.
exuberant – Janice had an exuberant smile on her face as she was handed the gold trophy.
facilitate – Please facilitate this application for me, as I am very busy and I would like to get it done quickly.
flamboyant – The woman was wearing a flamboyant green dress with sparkly gold shoes.
frivolous – Pete prefers not to spend his money on frivolous things like toys and snacks. He is saving up to buy a camera.
futile – Candice’s efforts to move the heavy rock were futile. The rock didn’t budge.
garbled – Ben’s voice was sounding garbled on the phone. I think there was something wrong with his phone.
gregarious – My grandfather is a gregarious man who makes friends with everyone.
hackneyed – Avoid using hackneyed words and phrases when writing compositions.
ignominy – Marsha had to suffer the ignominy of being reprimanded in front of the class.
illusory – Although I had the illusory hope that I would pass the test, I knew that I was not prepared for it and had to resign myself to failing.
impertinent – The impertinent young thug refused to listen to the police officer’s instructions.
irascible – You should avoid Bill today; he seems irascible and he might lose his temper.
juvenile – Older children often consider themselves too mature for their younger siblings’ juvenile activities.
laconic – When I asked Phil about his new job, he gave me a laconic answer. Do you think he is hiding something?
lament – I watched my sister lament over the loss of her favourite game, but I knew that she should have been more careful with it.
laud – The boys were lauded for their bravery in rescuing the stranded puppy during the flood.
mandate – The strict teacher’s latest mandate is that students have to do all corrections ten times.
mollify – Gretel was furious, but I tried to mollify her by speaking in a soothing, reasonable voice.
oblivious – Chuck walked down the street with his headphones plugged in to his ears, oblivious to the heavy traffic around him.
obsequious – Sybil’s obsequious behaviour in constantly praising the teacher and offering to help with everything, makes the other students irritated with her.
ornate – The ornate necklace was studded with gemstones and boasted fine handiwork.
panorama – When we finally reached the top of the hill, we were astounded by the sweeping panorama of the valley.
pedantic – Henry is the pedantic one in our group. He’s always checking every little detail and insists that everything should be perfect.
penchant – Wendy has a penchant for motorcycles; she has two motorcycles of her own, and loves to tinker with them.
pragmatic – My brother and I are very different. I am pragmatic and realistic, but he is dreamy and impractical.
quip – The class can always rely on Frank for a humourous, witty quip that makes people think.
recant – Although the witness had initially claimed that he was at home when the crime happened, he recanted his statement the next week and told a different story.
rejuvenate – There’s nothing like cold lemonade to help you rejuvenate after a hot day.
reproach – With reproach in her voice, Ingrid’s mother explained to Ingrid why she should not get into trouble in school. / Bill is a student beyond reproach; I don’t see how he could have stolen the wallet.
sedulous – Rebecca’s sedulous work and determination paid off when she scored the highest in her class in her final exam.
torpor – Josephine had to struggle through her torpor to complete the assignment, although she was incredibly tired.
vacillate – I can’t make up my mind what to have for lunch; I keep vacillating between the choices on the menu.
vilify – The presidential candidate made a long speech criticizing his opponent in an attempt to vilify him.

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