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The right copywriting service for your project will match your objective with your target audience’s expectations. Each of the five copywriting categories overlap with others, but there are important distinguishing factors. Consider choosing your copywriting service before you start writing for your project so that you can communicate a seamless read-to-action experience.


Accessible Copywriting

Accessible copywriting works best when your project is required to generate significant retention from, and analysis of, audiences already aware of competing products and services.

In accessible copywriting, project owners choose to position their products as platforms for further benefit beyond the utility of the product itself. A financial services firm, for example, may wish to communicate the utilitarian benefits of using their app to gain user-insights and spending patterns. Copywriting priority is therefore given to the app’s utility rather than its development story or brand narrative. Accessibility is often a commodity that is traded for user-engagement, minus the organisation’s other products or backstories. Including taglines and catch-phrases in the copy runs the risk of obfuscating the product’s more pragmatic objectives and purposes.

Employee ManualsGhostwritingMedia ReleasesMenus


Business Copywriting

Business copywriting works best when your project performs in service-ethos markets, where features are overlaid with strong appeals to rationale and credibility.

In business copywriting, project owners choose to layer their products with qualities that espouse value over profit. A hospitality and meetings provider, for example, will want to weave staff reliability, equipment quality, and experiential formality into its seminar and conference facilities. Copywriting priority is therefore given to zero-cost high-value benefits that reside above the basic brick-and-mortar conference features. Business copywriting appeals to human-centric aspirations, and must not be mistaken as a faceless connotation of B2B communication. Business copywriting circumscribes features and benefits within human-driven ideologies.

Annual ReportsBrochuresCommercialsDirect Mail


Cultural Copywriting

Cultural copywriting works best when your project performs in experiential markets where price is set by perception rather than by market forces.

In cultural copywriting, project owners appeal to user sensibilities and aspirations. Imagine a set of checkboxes with criteria ranging from basic needs-and-functional requirements to high-level ego and narcissism. All of these need to be ticked at every stage of the document, from the headlines and paragraphs, down to the captions, images, and footnotes. An automobile manufacturer, for example, will want to include comfort and lifestyle (luxury — cost is not a factor) with fuel consumption (economy — cost is a factor) with clean emissions (environment — cost might be a factor). Copywriting priority is therefore allocated across a needs-analysis graph, and evaluated against market and moral perceptions. Cultural copywriting is directed towards the social strata of the community, and that community’s concomitant values, in which your product operates.

BlogsExhibition WritingMarketingPackaging


Statement Copywriting

Statement copywriting works best when your project has something to prove in a marketplace filled with choice.

In statement copywriting, project owners appeal to the tribal aspects of consumer loyalty with less attention on individual consumer image. A high-street fashion label, for example, will want to create a club defined by its own rules of membership, rather than conform to existing brand norms. The label may be environmentally-aware, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-conscious, or environmentally-assertive (each is different) and will choose to prescribe its own set of rules and ethics that reinforce, risk, or disregard the status quo. Copywriting priority is therefore given to personality construction rather than consumer expectations, since a new normal is on offer.

Social MediaSpeechesTaglines + NamingWebsites


Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriting works best when your project needs first to inform and educate, then to sell.

In technical copywriting (as opposed to technical writing), project owners continue to emphasise sales, but through knowledge transfer and showcasing competence. A parcels company, for example, will want to balance convenience and price while educating users on customs law and international logistics. Knowledge builds trust, and complete knowledge builds a lot more trust. The parcels company uses all of its technical considerations as a basis for differentiation to create new features or highlight existing ones that other delivery services are not. Copywriting priority is therefore given to simplicity and knowledge, not flashiness and smarts.

EditingTechnical WritingTelemarketingTender Writing

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Value Communication

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore makes a true difference to your brand’s communication, by providing concept-driven copywriting that speaks to the broadest possible spectrum of audiences. We work in every medium, from print to digital, to create written communication experiences that deliver measurable value to your brand.

Culture Curators

We’re established and retain our startup culture. Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore began as a startup from a handful of experienced web and traditional media copywriters dedicated to creating rich communication experiences. 10 years later, we are still strong believers in producing genuine, original work that expresses and impresses. We’re always cognizant of the starry-eyed passion we brought to Quantico when we started up. We’re still bringing bucket-loads of quality and passion; only now it’s tempered with age and experience. We’re a copywriting agency located and established in Singapore.

In-House + In The House

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore comprises a highly skilled, hand-picked team that leads the industry in Singapore and South East Asia. This allows us the liberty and luxury of doing all our work in-house. We do not outsource. The entire agency comes together for every project, so our clients enjoy the security of a team of several experts crafting and copywriting for them. Every team member at Quantico is a full-time employee, dedicated to seeing our clients get more than they ask for.

Service That Makes a Statement

We, at Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore, are purveyors of fine copywriting for traditional print media, websites, and digital and mobile platforms. Our work is copywriting, editing, research, and providing creative direction to organizations who want to supercharge their communication. We’re a team of people who care a lot about this stuff.

Access, Not Excess

We, at Quantico Copywriting, are motivated to make top-notch copywriting accessible to everyone. Quantico’s copywriters, editors, and designers create copywriting pieces that meet two key requirements: to fire up the imagination of target audiences by sparking interest, and to distil communication to its finest form across web, digital, and traditional media.


We are mission makers because we are decision-takers, limit-breakers, people-builders, and precision instruments of communications. Quantico Copywriting’s goal is to make content appealing and influential. Organizations work with Quantico to articulate their ideas, to increase their desirability, and to express what matters to them. At Quantico Copywriting, we create written communications that help organizations to be understood much easier. By doing this, we are extending the capacity of organizations to inspire and influence people.

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Quantico Communications LLP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation for copywriting workshops and publishing. The firm conforms to international service standards and performs in accordance with the statements of services prescribed under the ISO framework. More information on ISO 9001:2015 is available at the ISO portal online and through verified agents of the standards.

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