Copywriting Creative Partnerships

Quantico Copywriting is big on building long-term creative partnerships with organizations, agencies, and creative individuals. We’ve worked with talent from every continent except Antarctica (we’re looking into that – a documentary on emperor penguins perhaps?) to produce phenomenal ads, brochures, reports, billboards, taglines, signage, radio spots, and television commercials.

Creative Partnerships

Let’s get our expertise together and see what we can’t create. There’s no limit to how great the creative process can be, when you put the best minds together on the same project. Quantico Copywriting is always up to share our copywriting expertise with design studios, creative agencies, and strategic firms that bring their best to the party.

Who gets the credit?

It’s your client. It’s your account. The credit is yours. Quantico is about the copywriting. If we have helped you to make your work that much better, and your client that much happier, then we’ve done a good job. Whether you choose to spread the word about Quantico’s copywriting expertise, or classify us in your secret weapons arsenal, is entirely up to you.

What are your fees?

In creative partnerships, Quantico charges a partnership rate, commensurate with the work required. Quantico is an agency too. We know how important it is to work with phenomenal people, and not worry about phenomenal bills. Check out what we charge. Then talk to us about how we can help keep the numbers low and the quality high.

Who are your partners?

The creative folks mainly. Advertising agencies, graphic design studios, fashion and lifestyle magazines, events firms, and retail organizations form the bulk of Quantico’s creative partnerships. All of Quantico’s senior copywriters and editors come from design, multimedia, and web backgrounds, in addition to copywriting. We know the software and we know the processes. We work very easily with art directors, creative directors, and internal corporate communications teams to produce some really impressive results.

Do you say ‘no’?

There has to be a code of ethics, and common decency. Neither Quantico nor our partners will engage in work where clients specifically state that outsourcing or collaboration is not an option. Quantico will not enter into a creative partnership with any agency if the client has commissioned that agency to do the work completely in-house. Quantico will enter into a creative partnership with another organization only if the client approves of collaborative work involving external expertise.

Let’s Talk

Excellent! If you don’t have it already, here are our contact details:
Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore
16 Collyer Quay
#20-00 Income@Raffles
Singapore 049318
T: +(65) 6573 7370
Get in touch and let’s get creative.

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