Content Marketing

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Content marketing in Singapore is both, a term and a business gaining strength and popularity. The firm establishment of digital technologies has led to an exponential growth in online experiences. Platforms capable of delivering these experiences effectively are used by billions, (with a b, not m), of people around the globe. Singapore is at a prime position for interacting with this growth. Technology has a firm infrastructure and Singaporeans are internet savvy. While language can prove to be a mild barrier for some, the overwhelming sentiment in Singapore is to establish an idea and have copywriters bring the contents to fruition. The service industry in Singapore is huge. An island with relatively limited land resources is bound to grow it’s services and human resources. And Singapore is quite the example of creating a thriving economy on the strength of its service industry. Naturally, the growth of the service industry has seen Singapore’s economic landscape foot-printed with small-medium enterprises looking to establish themselves as the next major provider of niche services. As a result, online and digital content has practically inundated Singapore’s online business avenues. So how does one stand out among the shouting and yelling?

Successful content marketing is very much a factor. Getting noticed in Singapore requires players to abide by the same rules as any other technology-embracing society. You have content to share. You know that people will want your content. And you have an instinctively good feeling about your services. The problem is, so too does everybody else. With over 150,000 URLs being added to the web every 24 hours, content creation is the single largest activity ever undertaken by a species on Earth. Here’s another staggering truth: Singapore has the highest frequency of Facebook users in the world. And speaking of content marketing, nothing like Facebook exists to reach almost 1 billion people one at a time. In this milieu of content, how do you get your stuff to stand out?

Creating content and copywriting go hand-in-glove to create effective online marketing campaigns. Copywriting in Singapore is becoming a big deal as the country pushes for ever-increasing levels of quality communication. To understand how copywriting works with marketing campaigns, its’ a good idea to know what content marketing entails. When we say ‘content marketing’ we are actually referring to the successful dissemination of communication that is designed to persuade and motivate people to become customers. Information-thirst is unquenchable, which is ironic given the amount of information we have access to. Those firms that deliver precisely the information that people are looking for are going to climb the ladder of popularity. With ever-increasing amounts of content, there is an intrinsic need to nano-target and match people to information. Again, it’s ironic that with the arrival of so much content, the best way to manage a content marketing campaign is to extract one or two sentences from all online content, and deliver it to just one o two people. A gargantuan task no doubt but this happens successfully every day. Singapore has no shortage of valuable content. A good copywriter will be able to understand this idea and draft words that meet the criteria for nano targeting searches. Copywriting in Singapore is a very interesting activity. It’s primary function to create buzz and attract attention, is tied up with the factors that make content marketing successful. In the midst of 4 national languages, content marketing takes on a multi-lingual dimension in which cultural considerations are critical to content awareness and creation.

Content marketing in Singapore is only going to get bigger as it spreads across the region. Copywriting already plays a pivotal role in creating relevant content that is popular with people and search engines. But in the coming months, copywriting will become indispensable to content marketing campaigns that are designed to reach the masses in Singapore and beyond, while nano targeting select individuals who are looking specifically for content of a particular nature and character.

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