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Copywriting white papers

Authority content: White papers are written on a number of topics, the aim being to be the definitive source of findings and information on that particular topic. In the past white papers were more commonly associated with government, but today they are used extensively by private corporations, non-government organisations, and even individuals. Persuasion and rhetoric are critical factors for copywriting a white paper.

Once the findings and information have been fully validated, the focus shifts to diction. The words selected for a white paper must serve two purposes: (a) they must make a strong case for the topic using rhetoric and reasoning; (b) they must use the jargon associated with the topic in such a way that promotes complete understanding by experts in that topic without being overly gratuitous. There are three main categories of white papers: (i) commercial; (ii) technical; (iii) hybrid.

White papers serve as documents of credibility and research is a prominent part of the process. A white paper copywriter knows just how to build a robust case for a certain topic’s methodology or benefit in its utilisation.

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