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Tell us what you’d like to communicate, and we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Quantico is a cross-disciplinary copywriting agency, relying on purpose and practice to meet your project’s objectives.

Create + Critique

Quantico’s copywriters create content that is as unique as it is beneficial. Quantico’s copywriting methodologies have been featured on several occasions, for the work we do and the way we think.

Our Work

Let’s fire up imaginations… by sparking a little interest. Learn more about the copywriting work we do, and how we approach the industry for our clients in Singapore and the region.

Our Clients

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore has consistently worked with the best and brightest. We’ve put out content that has made a positive difference to our clients, and their audiences.


Consulting may be an overused word but that’s exactly what we are here for; to use our experience and expertise to help you build robust copywriting strategies.

Media Coverage

Radio Interviews at Kaplan University; 938Live Panel; Personal Branding Book Launch; Magazine Interviews for Entrepreneurs; Television and Talkshow Appearances; Featured News Items.

About Us

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore makes a true difference to your brand’s communication, by providing concept-driven copywriting that speaks to a broad spectrum of audiences.

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Talk to us. We’re Listening. We reply typically within a day for queries submitted through the site’s contact form. Otherwise please give us a call at +(65) 6573 7370 or use your Q-Pin (existing clients).

Our equation for engagement:

(Intent + Content + Context = Meaning)™


Brochures + Catalogs

Start a conversation: Brochures and catalogs abound in almost every society, in both physical and virtual form.

Copywriting Blogs

Intriguing content, nicely picked, stylishly shared: Blogging ideally gains you a following for publishing interesting content.

Annual Reports

Here’s where we stand: Annual reports are comprehensive findings that indicate the health and position of an organisation.

Media Writing

This just in: Media releases encourage editors to prioritise your stories in specific information channels.

Employee Manuals

I know my way: Employee manuals are more than rule books. Employee Manuals are documents that share a collective vision and ideology between an organisation and its members.

Email Marketing

Copywriting emails is an invasive marketing process. The first step is to identify the purpose of your email, then apply reasoned formatting to match intent with content with context.

Direct Mail

Make a point: Direct mail is a personal medium. It comes straight to homes and offices — private spaces — where it then builds connections with intended audiences.


Rule the waves: This article deals with TV and radio. TV commercials are a mix of visual and verbal treats. Radio commercials are purely verbal treats. Buying into these treats produces some fine results.

White Papers

That’s authority content: White papers are written on a number of topics, the aim being to be the definitive source of findings and information on that particular topic.

Editing + Proofreading

Spotless copywriting: You want an error-free publication. The primary aim of copyediting is to have an error-free publication, so here’s an obvious match.

Exhibition Writing

Show and tell: Museums, fairs, and trade shows have lots to showcase, and lots more to read. Use the difference threshold to balance reading with seeing.

Packaging Copy

That’s a wrap: Packaging is a competition in visual aesthetics. We accept (or reject) the package long before we acknowledge the quality of its contents.

Menu Writing

Well-flavoured and savoured: A menu is essentially an offering of products, each of which is competing for your attention.

Promotional Copy

Show, don’t tell: Promotional material creates awareness of a product and service, and engages customers through type and isotype.

Ghost Writing

A spirited collaboration: Ghostwriting is an interesting term to describe a collaborative effort between someone with ideas and someone with great writing skills.

Research Writing

An informed decision: Research is an integral component in Quantico Copywriting’s repertoire. Before commencing any copywriting, the agency conducts research on two primary aspects.

Speech Writing

This says it all: Speeches have been around since human beings discovered they had vocal chords, and speech writing has been around for some time too.

Technical Writing

That makes sense: We love our technology — our gadgets, our software, and our hardware. They do amazing things for us, and they make us feel amazing. Share that feeling.

Telemarketing Scripts

Talk with me: We can’t get away from marketing. It’s an in-built function in human beings to express something about themselves. Organisations are the same, and telemarketing is a subset.

Taglines + Naming

Stuck in my head: Taglines are short descriptors that capture the essence of an organization’s uniqueness, nature, and quality of products and services.

Social Media Writing

Tastry tweets: A tweet, a status update, a post, a lens – it’s all good except when it’s not, and that’s a common case.

SEO + AI Writing

Found it: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with artificial intelligence is the best concept any website can internalise for itself.

Website Writing

It just clicks: Website and digital content is different from print content and has to be treated accordingly. This is the first truth to embrace when creating effective content through website copywriting for solid digital media platforms.

Tender Writing

We have a winner: Tenders and proposals require competitive writing. In Singapore tenders are de rigueur when conducting business with the government and quasi-government organisations, as are proposals when conducting business with potential clients.

What Do Google, Audi, OCBC, Wirecard, MOE, MINDEF, MOM, AccorHotels, and 3M have in common? They’re all clients of our Copywriting Workshops [+]


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a social bazaar; a marketplace to drive relationships between brands and their audiences.

What is Copywriting?

At Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore, we’re often asked an important question: what is copywriting? Let’s put the answer to bed.

Become a Copywriter

Learning how to become a copywriter in Singapore follows the same process as becoming a professional in any occupation, minus some obvious assumptions.

Copywriting Insights

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore has accumulated lots of experiences and copywriting insights that we are looking forward to sharing with you.

How about some good, old-fashioned innovation? Content Marketing Course [+]


B2B Copywriting in Singapore

In Singapore, business-to-business (B2B) communication and lead generation is de rigueur to grow connections and cultivate business partnerships.

Copywriting and Brand Discovery

Ever felt the satisfaction of discovering something all by yourself, without the aid or help of others? Remember when you first tied your shoelaces all by yourself without assistance?

B2B Copywriting and Brand Ethics

Copywriting and brand ethics go hand-in-hand in the brand-building and brand-sustaining process. Building a brand is a lot like constructing a house. It’s customizable. It’s often built in parts. And it leaves a footprint for scrutiny.

Copywriting and Brand Identity

The process of creating brand identity from copywriting is an old one. It’s been around for as long as language has existed. But its evolutionary pace has been staggering, especially over the last fifty years, and have seen an explosive growth in schools of thought.

B2B Copywriting and Brand Personalities

Your brand is not your product or your service. It is how people feel, and what they think about your product or service. It is the recommendations they make to their family and friends about purchasing your product or service.

Copywriting and Colour

Colour is about the psychology of your brand. The sheer scope and nature of colors make it impossible to discuss in full in this section. The primary question here is “what difference will it make if I use blue over red, or green over purple, or any other colour or combination?”

Copywriter Singapore

Quantico Copywriter Singapore puts out great work into the world every day. And we’re known to craft content that is as unique as it is beneficial. Quantico’s copywriters have been featured in the media on several occasions for the work we do and the thinking behind it.

Copywriting and Copyright in Singapore

Understanding copyright and copywriting Singapore: ownership over written material is fairly simple. Note: this insight is in no way a substitute or alternative for proper legal guidance or advice.

Copywriting in Singapore

Copywriting is creating communication that compels you to act. A great piece of copy can be all that stands between good and fantastic. Copywriting is culture-specific. Singapore has a unique culture that professional copywriters target to build clients and crowds.

Branded Storytelling

An author is not a copywriter. Art and design are distinct. One prioritises form, the other focuses on function. Here we identify and substantiate the strategies for copywriting as a function of design, and a by-product of consumer psychology.

Economics Copywriting Singapore

Economics studies human behaviour. As economists, we examine the impact of our choices on what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce. Because we have scarcity in our world (just about every commodity is in limited supply) we need to make choices.

One Global Language for Business

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review (Tsedal Neely | Global Business Speaks English | HBR May 2012) “English is now the global language of business.” The article discusses the significance of English as a language for global communication.