Copywriting Menus

Well-flavoured and savoured: A menu is essentially an offering of products, each of which is competing for your attention. A well-presented menu will explain exactly what’s on offer, with a brief explanation of each dish and beverage.

After all, you don’t want to order cervelle d’agneau because it sounds classy to your date, and end up recoiling in terror because you realized you ordered sheep’s brain. Menu writing is more than just clarifying what ingredients are in that dish. It’s about taking you on a small journey to feel the romance of cooking.

In menu writing, every description is a mini story that ends happily for you should you choose to engage in it. A menu will also tell you more than just the dishes and beverages on offer. As far as storytelling goes, the establishment you’re in has a backstory too, and a well-written menu will take the effort to narrate that story, integrate it with your choices, and make you feel like you’re the most important customer to have ever dined there.

Menu copywriters are also excellent layout artists. They know that words need design elements (spacing, margins, and typography) to complete the entire picture. And that’s precisely what menu copywriting is about; putting in your mind a picture of the pleasure of dining.

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