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Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore has consistently worked with the best and brightest. We’re proud of the content we’ve put out that has made a positive difference to our clients, and their audiences. The work described here is a cross-section of Quantico’s most recent and current projects in Singapore and internationally. Learn about the work we did, and the positive differences we made. Where permitted, samples of our work’s implementation has been included. All works are protected by copyright. Clients that have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or other contracts of privacy with Quantico Communications LLP are not listed here, in accordance with the terms of the agreements and/or contracts.

We’re constantly updating our client list with relevant synopses of work, and adding new case studies as and when the work is cleared for release by us and the respective client. It is determined by the rational and sustainable implementation of expressions that are as future-proof as they are valid to each client. In other words, Quantico copywriters create sticky content that sustains interest over long periods of time. This has become a discipline at the agency, and over time we have fine-tuned it. The following are brief insights and case studies into the work that Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore has completed for a select number of clients across Singapore and South East Asia.

100% Design Singapore

Quantico provided 100% quality copywriting and copyediting for both 100% Design Singapore’s website and sales brochure for 2012 and 2013. Riding on the high of a successful copywriting project in 2012, Quantico Copywriting was invited to take on the project once again in 2013. We feel that we set the bar even higher this year, as does our client, so we’re eager to see what happens, come December 2013.

AISEC Singapore

Every year since 2009 Quantico has conducted copywriting workshops, business communication and personal branding seminars and lectures for AIESEC Singapore. Quantico is the appointed communications partner to AIESEC Singapore. Our seminars are conducted at the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, Nanyang Technological University, and Temasek Polytechnic.

Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)

Quantico provided a golden standard of website copywriting for the AIC’s silver pages website. Prior to copywriting, Quantico conducted extensive research, spanning 3 months, across government agencies, statutory boards, and public institutions in Singapore. In early 2013, we achieved our goal to create and craft content that is truly useful for people who require and provide eldercare.

Alliance Era

Quantico provided copywriting for Alliance Era’s sales brochures. Alliance Era (a developer and distributor of lifestyle products) asked Quantico Copywriting for a communications strategy after experiencing more than 35% customer growth from the new sales brochures and collateral. Quantico devised a robust customer-focused strategy driven by written communication and supported by relevant design-related activities. We’re currently working with Alliance Era for product naming, tagline strategy, and copywriting for B2B marketing collateral.

Asia Pacific Maritime Tradeshow

Quantico provided copywriting for the Asia Pacific Maritime Tradeshow’s primary sales brochure. The key objective was to highlight the Asia Pacific Maritime Tradeshow as the premiere port of call for shipping companies, international maritime associations, suppliers and manufacturers, and industry experts. Quantico’s copywriting strategy was anchored in the business-oriented nature of the tradeshow, and we consequently crafted a sales brochure that achieved its objectives with flying colors.

Asia Television Forum

Quantico provided copywriting for the Asia Television Forum’s sales brochure in 2012 and 2013. Quantico met the project objectives by first conducting in-depth research and interviews with people within the industry. We then set out to write the sales brochure as a captivating and informative piece of communication. The result was a finely tuned message that resonated beautifully with the ATF’s target audience.


Quantico provided its copywriting services to AXA Insurance Singapore’s new life insurance policy brochure in late 2012. Quantico leveraged its considerable copywriting expertise to breathe new life into AXA’s brochure, through words that appealed to AXA’s target audience, and crafted taglines and headings that ensured clarity and consistency across the brochure. Quantico’s preferred tagline for AXA was so well received that AXA is now using it as the primary tagline for the brochure — it’s on the front cover of the brochure and the first thing that people read. This is just the kind of result that reminds us of the differences we are able to make, through relatable copywriting, every day.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

Quantico provided copywriting and copyediting services to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (CANCHAM). The CANCHAM asked Quantico to craft and edit communication material that represented the CANCHAM to its members. The material had to suit and appeal to all of CANCHAM’s members, a highly diverse group of organizations and entities including embassies and high commissions, trade delegations, Singaporean and Canadian companies, societies, and individuals.

Canopy Design

Quantico Copywriting has provided copywriting and copyediting services for Canopy Design, through our partnership initiative with creative agencies in Singapore and internationally.


Quantico provided copywriting, copyediting, and tone-of-voice consulting services to ClearPath Pte Ltd, an orthodontics company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Quantico crafted a fresh tone-of-voice strategy for ClearPath’s marketing collateral, then copyedited its existing materials to match the new tone and style. Our objective was to give ClearPath’s brochure teeth, marking it as engaging and relatable by the company’s target markets, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

Charities Aid Foundation

Quantico provided the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) South East Asia with copywriting strategy and a content framework for its communications channels. We started working together with CAF in 2011, meeting first with representatives from CAF South East Asia and CAF United Kingdom. Quantico articulated CAF’s global style and implemented it systematically across CAF’s brochure, name cards, and website. Quantico crafted CAF’s tagline to reflect its values, mission, and the benefits of working with CAF. We’re currently working with CAF on their website content.

Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine (Singapore)

Quantico provided seminars on communication effectiveness to the faculty and staff of Duke-NUS Graduate School of Medicine in Singapore. Quantico conducted workshops on non-verbal communication and on communicating personal brands through written and spoken words. Quantico’s first publication, titled A Brand In My Pocket, was authored for this project by founders Deepa Vijayan and Arjun Khara. The book has since been made available for purchase on Amazon.com (Kindle Edition).

Fairfield Methodist Alumni Association

Quantico provided website copywriting for the Fairfield Methodist Alumni Association Singapore’s website. Quantico initiated a content framework and content organization strategy for the FMAA, and applied a simple set of style guides to make the content inviting and engaging. Quantico completed this project in 2013.

Goldroast White Coffee

Quantico provided an uplifting copywriting experience for GoldRoast White Coffee. Quantico crafted a tagline and did the copywriting for the brochures. Our copywriting strategy grew from the simple act of consuming the product ourselves, to physically experience what we would be communicating in words to consumers. We then wrote a script for a television commercial for GoldRoast White Coffee. Once the television commercial was ready, Quantico went to work on a content plan which identified GoldRoast customer trends and preferences. Quantico’s copywriting team studied the clip frame by frame, taking note of every item and nuance. Every word in the script was carefully prepared to (i) complement each frame of the commercial; (ii) cumulatively broadcast the benefits of GoldRoast White Coffee.

Institute of Technical Education

Quantico provided a series of communication workshops, titled Experience English, for the faculty and staff of the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West. These customized workshops targeted specific attributes of communication which were relevant to the teaching staff of ITE. Each workshop drew out and identified specific issues in speaking, writing, and grammar, and helped participants to leverage communication best practices to facilitate better interactions and correspondence.

Quantico provided a 360° communication strategy for the International Festival Chorus Singapore (IFC). The four objectives of the strategy are to increase awareness of the IFC’s activities in Singapore, expand its membership, create brand engagement for existing members, and grow audience attendance for the IFC’s concerts. The IFC performs at various venues in Singapore, including the Esplanade, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), and other arts and performing centers around Singapore. Quantico is currently managing the IFC’s communication strategy, including website development, marketing collateral, brand message, and social media strategy.

Internuad (Nuad)

Quantico provided pure, focused copywriting for Internuad Conscious Health Empowerment (Nuad) — a provider and distributor of health and lifestyle services. Quantico started by articulating Nuad’s message on health and well-being, translating from Spanish and parts of ancient Mayan, to distill the essence of Nuad’s purpose. Our findings helped us re-define and clarify Nuad’s message, which we encapsulated in its logo and tagline. Quantico wrote the copy for Nuad’s brochures, website, and promotional videos. The copywriting team attended Nuad’s well-being sessions and interviewed the founder of Nuad to gain a full and immersive insight into the core values of the brand.

Iron Ore Week (Singapore)

Quantico provided solid copywriting for Iron Ore Week Singapore’s electronic direct mailers (EDMs) and website, in early 2013. Quantico collaborated with designers and integrated marketing specialists, to craft an overall communication strategy. Quantico focused purely on what we do best — copywriting, to set the tone, style and messages for customers and stakeholders of Iron Ore Week Singapore. Every bit of copywriting and copyediting advice we provided, was accompanied by an explanation and implementation guideline. This practice went down extremely well with our clients and partners and all our suggestions for style and diction were taken. Our design partner for this project was Snakes N’ Ladders. Our integrated marketing partner for this project was Lumaxis.

Kompac Plus

Quantico provided robust copywriting for KompacPlus’s website on materials and surfaces for interior design. To understand the benefits of KompacPlus materials, Quantico visited the factory and service center in Singapore and learned first-hand about the processes and systems that go into creating the product. We took samples of KompacPlus surfaces back to Quantico’s office to experiment and explore. Our findings resulted in honest, quality copywriting that accurately captured the benefits and uses of KompacPlus materials. Quantico also created headings for each of the materials and developed content usage guidelines. Our website copywriting, together with the identified tone and style, resonated very well with KompacPlus, and is currently being extended to print collateral.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Quantico provided intelligent copywriting services for Knowledge Management Solutions (KMS). Quantico crafted a unique tone-of-voice and copywriting style, based on input from the KMS team. The objective of the project was to make KMS’s software easily understandable and accessible to potential and existing customers. Quantico worked to balance the writing for technical information and simplified explanations. The result was a concise, relatable brochure that highlighted both the features and the benefits of using KMS software.

Ministry of Education

Quantico has provided language and communication seminars to Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School teachers and students since 2008, and through an MOE English Language initiative in 2012. Quantico ran a ten-week program that spanned the gamut of English writing processes, from basic grammar and expressions, to storyboarding, idea generation, and diction. The resulting scores on national and school tests attested to the success of the program.


Quantico provided a complete brand communication strategy for Lazada South East Asia from 2012 to 2013. Quantico started by researching Lazada’s current brand standards, and extracted core values that would suit the new brand. After several rounds of interviews and site visits, Quantico copywriters were ready to re-write Lazada’s new brand. We crafted a fresh style guide for Lazada, focusing on words that resonated most with Lazada’s employees and its customers. These key words were repeated at every touchpoint to reinforce the brand message, and were used as anchors to establish Lazada’s tone of voice across every communication touchpoint. Lazada has a presence in many countries across South East Asia, and Quantico had to ensure that every word, heading, tagline, and descriptive reference had highly similar degrees of meaning across several languages. Quantico then drafted Lazada’s unique voice as a value proposition and extended this voice to spoken communication channels. It was imperative that every one of Lazada’s employees understood not only the new brand message, but the rationale and reasoning behind adopting the new voice. The result was a highly unique tone of voice and style guide that captured Lazada’s core purpose, defined the brand’s standard, and articulated its values consistently across every Lazada venture.

Lazy Lizard

Quantico provided copywriting and tone-of-voice services to Lazy Lizard restaurants and bars. Quantico started with the chain’s menu, copywriting each item to match the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant. Quantico’s writers spent some time onsite as customers of Lazy Lizard. We studied multiple touchpoints including featured food and beverage items on the menu, the language used by service staff, posters on the walls, and even the topics of discussion that frequently came up among customers at the restaurant. Our copywriting went down very well with Lazy Lizard’s core team, who then asked Quantico to take over the entire print communication strategy for the chain. Quantico extended the style we created for the menus to the rest of Lazy Lizard’s print collateral. The result was a spicy new style guide and matching tone that accurately captured the flavor of the chain’s characteristics.

Luke Buirski Entertainment

Quantico provided stellar website copywriting and tone-of-voice consulting to Luke Buirski, currently a niche musician and professional songwriter. Luke Buirski already had a significant core base of followers, gaining prominence in shows and gigs for Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s New Year’s Eve Party 2013, and for a demonstration skit on NBC America. Quantico worked onsite with Luke to understand his personal brand, his music and what he wanted to communicate through his songs and performances. We established a specific tone of voice to communicate Luke’s personality in a warm, honest style that truly represents who Luke is, and the inspiration driving his music. Quantico detailed simple written communication parameters to ensure consistency, and also allow for degrees of flexibility, across Luke’s growing presence. Quantico’s founders have, over the years, developed a personal rapport with Luke Buirski, and are currently establishing a fresh round of written and spoken communication style guides to accompany his upcoming tours and gigs.


Quantico has provided multiple instances of copyediting and layout services for Mindshare Global Media Network. Quantico created a style template for Mindshare’s documents and presentations. Most of the content had already been prepared, and we focused more on copyediting and styling to bolster the existing content and messages. The result was a style template that was used across Mindshare offices in Singapore, Australia, Africa, India, and South East Asia. Following the success of this project, Mindshare offices in other countries collaborated with Quantico on a presentation content project that focused on brand messages and customer engagement.

Nanyang Technological University

Quantico provided copywriting and layout services for Nanyang Technological University Graduate Office’s brochures and electronic direct mailers (EDMs) for a networking event. These collaterals, both print and digital, were targeted at the NTU’s graduating batch of students, and at prospective recruiters and representatives from local and international companies. Quantico did the copywriting, copyediting, and layout for the print and digital collateral that went out to both the students and the recruiters. We then co-ordinated with the events agency to establish print and promotional material for the subsequent networking session. The result was a warm, compelling set of communications that fully captured the project’s objectives, and brought an unprecedented number of recruiters and students to the event.

Nippon Paint

Quantico provided a fresh splash of resplendence to Nippon Paint’s advertorial in 2013. Quantico focused on copywriting for Nippon’s advertorials on their new range of paints. We researched Nippon’s style of communication over the past five years to ensure a suitable degree of consistency in writing, which also ensured flexibility of expression that more than satisfied Nippon’s objectives. At the time of writing this excerpt in 2013, we are gauging the efficacy of the work.


Quantico provided copywriting and research services to Omron for their 80th anniversary celebrations. Quantico worked with Canopy Design for this project, which involved an Omron-organized photography competition across different countries in which Omron operates in. The participants of the competition — all Omron employees — took photographs of significant historical sites and submitted them to Omron’s organizing committee. These sites included Borobudur, The Blue Mansion, Palace of the Winds, The Twelve Apostles, and of course the Singapore Merlion. The committee picked the twelve winning entries and commissioned the creation of an 80th anniversary calendar, with the winning photographs and accompanying captions. Omron also wanted a separate write-up on the company itself. Canopy Design worked on the design for the calendar. Quantico created the captions and descriptions for each photograph. The copywriting team researched the history and stories of each of the twelve sites, visiting six of them in person. We then sourced for the stories and legends that inevitably surround places of importance. Quantico then started drawing real connections between the values that Omron has lived by, and the qualities that are embodied in each of these historical sites. The result was a delightful juxtaposing of historical and corporate values, written to interest, educate, and entertain the reader. Quantico also wrote an excerpt to commemorate Omron’s 80th anniversary. The excerpt, together with the captions and descriptions, were extremely well-received and highly praised by Omron. The excerpt on Omron was placed on the first page of the calendar, which was then distributed to Omron employees across the world.

One World International School

Quantico provided copywriting and layout services to One World International School from 2011 to 2012. Quantico created the marketing brochure for OWIS and crafted a unique style guide in the process. Following this project, Quantico created a series of magazine advertisements for OWIS, that were published in magazines directed at temporary visitors and expatriates in Singapore. OWIS then asked Quantico to provide website and marketing copywriting that promoted the benefits of the school to its target customers. Quantico crafted a digital copywriting strategy that focused on engagement between the school, its students, and potential customers. Quantico completed all OWIS projects in early 2012.

Ripe Australian Fruit Juice

Ripe Australian Fruit Juices (AFJ) approached Quantico Copywriting to create a name, description, and identity for their new line of premium juices for sale direct to customers via supermarkets and specialist department stores. Traditionally a B2B supplier, Ripe wanted to capture larger customer market share. Arctus began by researching what makes Ripe special, rather than focusing on burgeoning number of juice suppliers already present. We crafted the Ripe story from a variety of sources who knew Ripe inside-out. From this we developed Ripe’s unique selling proposition and wrote it to link with its product line, also known for freshness, health, and vitality. By focusing more on Ripe the company, rather than the already saturated product market, Quantico Copywriting was able to re-position Ripe’s juices as a bona fide homegrown, healthy offering that customers have come to identify with, whenever they see Ripe products, vehicles, or collaterals.

Reed Exhibitions (Singapore)

Quantico provided ongoing copywriting and copyediting services to Reed Exhibitions (Reed Elsevier) Singapore. Reed Exhibitions works with Quantico for copywriting, tagline creation, naming strategy, and tone-of-voice consulting.

Regent-Corp Werkz

Regent Corp-werkz helps businesses in Singapore with their tax filing, corporate secretarial services, and financial due diligence matters. Abbreviated as RCW, the firm enlisted Quantico to reposition their communication style, as part of their 2014 strategy. Quantico started by merging the various facets of communication — from collaterals and speeches to telephone scripts and website content — into a cohesive element that captured RCW’s core purpose — to be a highly competent and easily approachable core of accounting experts.


Quantico provided copywriting, copyediting, and tone-of-voice services for ScreenSingapore in 2012 and in 2013. Quantico created a fresh style guide for each occasion, drawing from the research and interviews we conducted with organizers and potential customers of ScreenSingapore. Quantico focused on ScreenSingapore’s sales brochure, balancing information with interest. Our objective was to get rid of flashy slogans and empty words, and craft intelligent taglines and sensible content that actually provided useful information for customers to positively interact with the myriad touchpoints of ScreenSingapore. Our approach was warmly received by the organizing team at ScreenSingapore, who enjoyed an unprecedented attendance in 2012. This year, Quantico is again working with ScreenSingapore to raise the bar of excellence across every communication touchpoint.

Simplr Solution

Simplr Solutions enlisted Quantico Copywriting to rebrand its communication processes and clarify its content strategy. Simplr IT Solutions started out as iBIZCS, a B2B information technology firm which creates logistics and warehouse management software for handheld devices, tablets, and smart phones. With a solid presence in 7 countries, the firm wanted to reposition itself as a manufacturer of easy-to-use software products. iBIZCS enlisted Quantico Copywriting to craft a new name, an anchoring tagline, and brand identity elements that were exclusively driven by words, with supporting visuals. Quantico crafted the name ‘Simplr’ and the tagline ‘Let’s Make IT Easier’. We then did the entire website copywriting for Simplr, right down to choosing the domain name and optimizing it to fit the tone of the content. A series of copywriting projects ensued for collaterals, application descriptions, and software explanation, which Quantico carefully applied via the content style guide we developed together with Simplr’s senior management. The result was an immediately recognizable and highly appealing brand that linked Simplr’s cohesive visual identity consistently across every communication touchpoint.

Singapore Exchange (SGX)

Quantico provided copywriting and style guide services for the Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) electronic direct mailers and website. The work we did for SGX coincided with Iron Ore Week Singapore 2013. Quantico began the project with intensive research (in the wake of a tight deadline) on SGX’s activities and the benefits of interacting with the Exchange. The resulting style guide followed a precise methodology for implementation, backed by usage standards. In several instances, Quantico’s team proactively followed up with SGX’s creatives on proper implementation, providing detailed rationale for our choice of words, phrases, and expressions. The result was a seamless execution of fine copywriting for SGX that was extremely well-received by everyone involved in the project.

Snakes N’ Ladders

Quantico Copywriting has provided copywriting and copyediting services for Snakes N’ Ladders, through our partnership initiative with creative agencies in Singapore and internationally.

Warees Investments

At the time of writing this excerpt in 2013, Quantico is currently providing copywriting, research, and style guide services for Warees Investments Pte Ltd, a part of Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS). This project is currently in progress, and includes website copywriting, brand messaging, and brand standards implementation.

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