SEO Copywriting Guidelines

SEO Writing and Keyword Tips | Found it!: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best thing any web site can do for itself, assuming it wants to be found quickly by search engines and be awarded a high rank. Copywriting is at the heart of successful, and sustainable SEO. Web and digital content copywriters are a special breed of people who know the perfect blend of great SEO writing that communicates to both customers and search engines.

The simple truth about effective SEO writing is in knowing how to strike a great balance between copywriting search engine-friendly content, and copywriting customer-friendly content. Great SEO writing is a great balance between easily identifiable content for consumers and keyword rich content for search engines. Search engines love keyword rich content. Search engines despise keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is when an article on a web site is deliberately written with several instances of keywords designed to fool the search engine into thinking the article is relevant. The rationale is that since search engines love keywords, so the more keywords they find in an article the higher that article will rank in searches. Not only is this technique irrelevant and useless, but also highly risky since search engines like Google can effortlessly determine which of these sites is keyword stuffing, and will penalize them for it by pushing their rankings very low. This is the worst SEO strategy and of course very poor SEO writing ethics.

SEO writing in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, is about using words to keep SEO levels and customer interest levels high. A great SEO copywriter will know exactly which words are trending at the moment, and be able to apply these to the appropriate industry or channel of communication.

These words, their corresponding style, tone, and intuitive qualities will appear seamlessly across the screen and sustain high customer engagement. Needless to say, these words will also be picked up by the search engines resulting in fabulous SEO across Singapore and other intended target markets. A welcome side benefit is that better SEO writing results in better SEO not only in Singapore but across other unintended markets as well. Great web and digital content copywriters know the value and strategies for placing critical codes – called tags – into text and into images. The benefits are twofold and both very rewarding.

First, your site becomes easily accessible to those unable to view images. Accessibility is always a welcome consideration that communicates, among other things, common courtesy to your viewers. This itself is a bonus for more people to click your site.

Second, your images now have tags — words — that the search engines are actively looking for. When they find these words they rank your site high, resulting in great SEO and great content. Essentially it’s a win-win for consumers and search engines. Copywriting for SEO is a skill fed by many channels, but has just one purpose – to get relevant, interesting content directly to those looking for it. That’s the best strategy and approach for SEO writing success.

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