Technical Writing

Jump Right In: We love our technology, our gadgets, our software, and our hardware. They do amazing things for us, and they make us feel amazing. We appreciate these gadgets even more when the output is fantastic and the learning curve is gentle.

A steep learning curve can put off even the most enthusiastic of people. That’s where a perfectly written manual or set of instructions can make the difference between ultimate pleasure, and ultimately pointless. This is the goal of great technical writing.

Technical writing is perfect when the learning curve gently unfolds and people can readily keep up with the instructions. Technical writing requires the expertise of a copywriter who is tech-savvy, and has the ability to translate geek-speak into simple, clear terms that everybody can understand.

Singapore is rife with technology and a geographical leader in gadgetry. The competition in Singapore for technological popularity is fierce, yet so many great products fall out of the race because consumers just don’t understand how to use them. Technical writing involves not just presenting a step-by-step guide for using the product, but making the product accessible to any demographic within a relatively short period of time.

A technical copywriter has the ability to present industry terms and jargon in clear words that not only provides customers with knowledge, but gets customers excited about using the product. And that’s good technical writing.

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