Website Copywriting

It Just Clicks: Website and digital content is different from print content and has to be treated accordingly. This is the first truth to embrace when creating effective content through website copywriting for solid digital media platforms.

What works in print is usually not the best system to replicate on an electronic platform. The fundamental difference between creating great print copy and great web copy is in the length and style required for each medium.

Web content has to be styled concisely. This does not mean that web content has to be short. Instead, the style of writing must appear brief and easy to comprehend at first glance. Web and digital interaction take place through the medium of a screen.

And like any medium, a separate set of rules is required for effective implementation and success. Reading from a screen, even the best ones, is much more taxing on the eyes than paper. Great web content has people reading, not staring. For this reason alone, content that goes up on the web must balance clarity with quantity. Customers on the web have instant access to multiple content. Navigation, or electronic wayfinding is critical. Appropriate words and images must be easy to comrehend, and lead to further relevant content. All this is part of website copywriting and must be included in the overall plan of action.

Most importantly, such navigation must accompany the style and tone of voice of the major content being published on the website. Website and application content is best kept concise and informative.

The best styles of website copywriting lead the customer to further inquiry and engagement in a short time. Information overload is a pitfall every organization needs to avoid.

An overwhelmed customer is more than likely to not only leave the site, but never return to it again, unless he or she is making an example of it. What’s worse is that once a customer leaves, he or she takes the credibility of the site with them. Even if the site is later changed or updated, it is hard to recover lost credibility. Bottom line: Make the first encounter with your site the best one.

Customers are always interested in further links if they prove valid. The same goes for search engine bots. Website copywriting is carried out in a customer-friendly and search-engine friendly method. An experienced website copywriter knows how to preserve the integrity of the message while fully leveraging on the power of keywords.

Digital content across platforms, from mobile devices to desktops, are best delivered in small, easy to manage doses with relevant links. The best website and digital copy always preserve, and subtly highlight these qualities in ways that have people coming back for more.

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